Zoe Kay - Functional Medicine & Applied Nutrition

BSc Nutritional Therapy

MSc Personalised Nutrition

Royal Society of Medicine Associate Member

Health is a freedom I believe everyone should enjoy so I make it my mission to inform and support my clients to take control of their health.

I specialise in natural fertility solutions and gut disorders, but I see people with a wide range of issues. I use my clients' symptoms to guide my assessment of what is going on rather than seeing symptoms as an inconvenience that should be simply blocked. I use information about your personality family history, test results, diet and environment to assess your health and create a bespoke plan to address the root cause of issues. 

Most of my clients already eat well, but they are not necessarily well themselves and it is my job to find the missing links. If you are serious about getting well, I'd love to hear from you. I'm Bristol based but I work with my clients online.

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Common Health Goals Include: 

Clients Include:

About Me

My background is Nutritional Therapy (BSc) and Personalised Nutrition (MSc) I studied at the renowned Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management in Wokingham affiliated with Middlesex University and have worked as a Bristol Nutritionist for 11 years. I use several models that help me assess my clients' health including those from Functional Medicine and Physcho-Neuro-Immunology. 

Most of my clients already eat well, but they are not necessarily well themselves and it is my job to find the missing links.

My favourite foods include: cured meats; dark chocolate; scallops; avocados; curries; prawns; paella; rich foods like goose, duck and smoked salmon; pickles; and watercress! I also love red wine and strong black coffee!

I'm a mum to two young children and wife to musculoskeletal specialist Chris, and we live in the Mendips in Somerset. I love the outdoors, woodland walks, animals, sunshine, being in my garden, or on the beach! 

My Approach

I live for making life-changing improvements in my clients' health because I believe health is freedom and life is to be enjoyed. I love food, so if you're looking for a nutritionist to encourage you to obsess over food and restrict you then you're in the wrong place. 

I like to help people make informed choices rather than tell them what to eat and give them a strict food plan and I respect my clients' unique values and tastes, so you will low how to eat, rather than what to eat. 

There is a lot of misunderstanding around food and very out-of-date guidelines meaning it's hard to know what is right and who to believe. You also need to know what suits you as an individual as there no one perfect diet.  I don't support any particular way of eating and don't push vegan, paleo, or keto diets. I listen to your needs and desires and explain without prejudice or bias the truth about food and health.

I'm the queen of myth-busting, people often comment on how happy they are when they realise they can eat things they thought were bad for them and enjoy food again!

What To Expect - Work With Me

Look at it as a bit of MOT - a full evaluation of your mind and body taking into account your environment; genetics; presenting symptoms; emotional and physical health; goals and desires; values and beliefs. I would look at getting to the root cause of issues and together work out the best plan of action to get you where you want to be. 

In your first session, we would spend up to 1.5 hours going through your health history and presenting symptoms to help me establish what is going on and our next steps to confirm or negate those findings. We then have various testing options available to us which may or may not be rationalised, but some examples of tests we may do might include looking at your thyroid function. Sometimes there is not a physiological issue driving weight gain in which case testing won't be a part of our plan. 

Before we even have a session I would start reviewing the data you give me. Ahead of our first session you would complete my health check questionnaire and share any test results you wish to; for example blood results you have had in the last 2 years (you can ask your doctors' surgery for copies). These can be very helpful for me to evaluate how I can help. 

In your first session, we would go through your questionnaire answers allowing me to take more detail from you, we would then move on to some explanations, and then our first steps forward. I offer an initial three-month package which includes your first session and two follow-ups with in-between session email support. Testing and supplement recommendations may be part of your plan which we would discuss together.

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Read my Google Reviews HERE                                                               Read my Testimonials HERE